Doe v. Carroll Distributing Co. - $1,300,000

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Doe v. Carroll Distributing Co. - $1,300,000.00

Auto Accident

A mother and daughter were injured in a motor vehicle crash that occurred on December, 10, 2013. The Defendant was on the job and driving a Ford F150 owned by his employer when he crashed into the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle just west of Tuscany Way on Wickham Road. The force of the impact caused the Plaintiff’s vehicle to hit the vehicle in front of her.

The daughter suffered serious injuries. She sustained multiple herniated discs to her neck with radicular pain down her arms for which she underwent conservative treatment and ultimately requiring a CT myelogram and cervical fusion for C3-C6. In addition, the daughter suffered herniated discs in the low back which resulted in revision surgery of a previous lumbar fusion. The force of the impact ended up rupturing a breast implant which resulted in multiple surgeries to correct.

Additionally, her elderly mother suffered injuries to her neck. During the course of her treatment she received a nerve ablation procedure for her injury to her neck as a result of the crash. On September, 13, 2014, the elderly mother died due to complications of ischemic/anoxic encephalopathy that developed from an allergy to the anesthesia during the procedure. The allergy was overlooked by the treating doctor.

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Under well-established Florida law, a Defendant, the original tortfeasor, is liable for all damages resulting from his or her original negligence, as well as those damages arising out of any medical negligence for treatment and complications for injuries suffered in the original motor vehicle crash. As such, the Defendant and his employer were responsible for any negligence on behalf of the doctor resulting in her death.

After filing suit, Alpizar Law, LLC was able to secure a combined settlement of $1,300,000.00 to resolve both cases.

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