J. Doe Family V. Dump Truck Driver - $1,003,653

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J. Doe Family V. Dump Truck Driver - $1,003,653.21

Trucking & Wrongful Death

On November 16, 2015, 68-year-old John Doe was traveling east on SR-528 in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Doe noticed some debris on the highway. Being the Good Samaritan that he was, he pulled over on SR-528 and quickly tried to remove as much of the debris off the highway before someone was injured. Unfortunately, a dump truck that was also traveling on SR-528 tried to maneuver to avoid the debris. The dump truck crashed through the guard rail, striking Mr. Doe and finally striking a tree. After battling for a week, Mr. Doe sadly lost his life as a result of the traumatic injuries he sustained. Mr. Doe leaves behind his loving wife and family. After investigating the crash, verifying what happened and verifying certain facts with experts, attorney John Alpizar, with the assistance of his paralegal, Cynthia Scott, was able to successfully settle the bodily injury claim and the underinsured motorist claim for a total of $1,003,653.21.

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