When Should I Contact A Person Injury Attorney in Palm Bay, FL?

Personal injuries tend to happen when they’re least expected. Even minor accidents can lead to injuries that can disrupt your entire life. Alpizar Law recommends that you consult with an experienced attorney immediately the incident happens so that you can focus on recovery as they handle your case. Here’s when you should contact the attorney. Palm Bay, FL can be seen here.

When Dealing with Insurance Agencies

After an accident, insurance agencies will contact you, focusing on settling your claim quickly. Their motive is to make the lowest possible settlement. Any details you give to the insurance agents can later be used against you. It’s vital to consult with a personal injury attorney before making any statements or signing any documents. Click here to read about Qualities of A Reliable Personal Injury Attorney in Palm Bay, FL.

When the Accident Investigations Are Insufficient

Insurance companies and police departments are limited in the amount of resources and time needed to investigate your claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will conduct a thorough independent investigation and reconstruct how the accident occurred. This will help prove how the accident occurred and who is at fault. The attorneys will use video surveillance footage, witnesses, and any other evidence to help build a successful case.  

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