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Florida Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Florida Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

The Importance of a Statute of Limitations

Why are statutes of limitation important when dealing with personal injury law?  Simply stated, if you as a claimant do not file a lawsuit within the specifically set time limit, you could lose the right to file a lawsuit that you may need to recover damages, medical expenses and lost wages. 

There are important factors that may cause the time limit to be extended or reduced. For example, there is a different time limit — two years — for medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.  In addition, it is extremely essential Florida residents who have experienced a personal injury contact a licensed attorney as soon as possible. 

Florida statutes are detailed and difficult to interpret on one’s own.  A licensed Florida personal injury attorney will ensure any Florida personal injury lawsuit is filed within the legal time limit.

What is the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Florida?

Florida has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. This is a law that creates a time limit on how long after an accident you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Florida Statutes Section 95.11 sets the time limit for personal injury lawsuits (and many other types of cases) as four years from the date of the accident.

Why does Florida require a statute of limitations?  These laws and rules are put in place to make certain all parties involved in a potential case or incident bring the issue to the courts in a timely fashion.  Along the same lines, litigators do not have to concern themselves with an incident that happened years or even decades ago.

Florida Personal Injury Statute of Limitations and Auto Accidents

Alpizar Law has helped Floridians who have been involved in an auto accident win personal injury cases for more than 30 years.  There are many types of auto accidents to include: those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, pedestrians and even stationary objects. 

But many victims of an accident don’t fully understand the time limit that is set in place when an accident happens. They are too busy dealing with the trauma of the event, working with their insurance company, and also helping their family heal.

Don’t wait until the injury worsens over time. If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to document everything and file within the timeframe in case the injury does get worse. We’ve met many families who have suffered because of this time limit, watched their loved one’s health deteriorate, and unfortunately could not file a claim because the statute of limitations had passed.

Florida Personal Injury Statutes and Insurance Claims

Another important consideration if you have been involved in a personal injury accident is the timely filing of your insurance claim.  Although there is no law setting a timeframe for filing your personal injury insurance claim, the timeliness of your actions could very well impact when you receive your necessary settlement as well the amount. 

A qualified Florida personal injury lawyer should be your first stop when involved in a personal injury accident!  Rules such as the “pure comparative negligence rule” and “no-fault car insurance rule” can be tough to understand and may have you or your insurance company unloading unnecessary cash!  Both rules are set in place to help in determining fault and negligence in a Florida auto accident or other type of personal injury incident. 

At Alpizar Law, we have spent years working with law enforcement and insurance companies alike to get our clients the settlement they deserve without having to dig into their pockets.  Don’t try to figure out Florida’s lengthy statutes on your own.  Let our knowledgeable and professional lawyers at Alpizar Law help you win your Brevard County personal injury case.

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Why Alpizar Law?

Alpizar Law has been the best personal injury lawyer Brevard County has to offer for countless years due to its professionalism, client care and overall experience in advising area residents.  No other Brevard County personal injury lawyer has spent more time and effort ensuring all clients receive fair and equitable treatment following such an unfortunate incident. 

Alpizar Law understands the difficulty in proving negligence by opposing parties as well as the intricacies involved in acquiring full insurance settlements.  We are the best personal injury lawyer in Brevard County and have the right personal injury attorneys to win your case.  Attorney John Alpizar and his team of expert personal injury lawyers are fully-immersed in all related areas to include:

  • Auto Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Bicycle Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Boat / Jet Ski Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Catastrophic Injury in Brevard County, FL
  • Construction Site Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Maritime / Jones Act Claims in Brevard County, FL
  • Motorcycle Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Pedestrian Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Slip and Fall in Brevard County, FL
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries in Brevard County, FL
  • Truck Accidents in Brevard County, FL
  • Wrongful Death in Brevard County, FL

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At Alpizar Law, we understand what it takes to win a Brevard personal injury settlement and assist you in covering medical and therapy bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and any other costs accumulated.  Our team of Florida personal injury attorneys has a combined 65 years of experience and wants to be your go-to personal injury law firm in Brevard County.  We will make 100% certain you receive the proper representation required to win your case.

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