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Slip & Fall Accidents in Florida

“Slip and fall” accidents happen when someone slips on someone else’s property and gets injured. It is a personal injury case when the property owner is responsible for the person’s injury on their property. It is a personal injury case under the “premises liability” category.

There are so many reasons why people slip or trip.

These include:

  • Changes in flooring
  • Wet floors
  • Broken/cracked sidewalks
  • Broken/cracked stairs/guardrails
  • Torn carpeting
  • Poor lighting
  • Hidden hazard )(e.g., Hidden porthole)
  • Natural events such as snow, ice, or rainfall.
  • Regardless of the cause, the plaintiff must have suffered some degree of injury to press a personal injury claim.

If you need help with a slip and fall accident and need to file a slip and fall claim, reach out to our team today. We are pleased to work on your slip and fall case matters and would align with Florida Law.

Our experienced Florida slip and fall attorneys at our law firm will ensure to account for the incident report, the accident scene, and a fair settlement upon review of the matter.

How to Prove Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

Proving fault in slip and fall accidents is done on a case-by-case basis. Each case depends on the following premises:

1. The property owner acted in a way that made the slipping and falling possible

2. You did not suffer the injury base on your carelessness

This is why most slip and fall accident case boils down to these factors:

A dangerous condition existed (E.g., a wet floor)

The condition was created by those responsible for the property (E.g., the bed was recently mopped)

The condition existed for so long that those responsible should and could have done something about it (the floor was wet for minutes, and the owner/possessor did not dry the floor or place a ‘wet floor’ notice)

You couldn’t have been aware of the condition (e.g., there was no way you could tell the floor was wet)

The state of the property caused your injury (E.g., you slipped on the wet floor and broke your arm)

To receive compensation for your injury, you need to prove the other party caused the damage due to negligence/wrongdoing. You need to verify that the owner/possessor caused the condition and didn’t do the responsible thing.

Suppose you sustain an injury on a commercial or residential property. In that case, you have to prove responsive to the other party for tour injury.

For commercial property, you have to show that the owner/possessor of the business caused the condition, knew about it, and didn’t do the responsible thing by taking care of it.

You can get injury compensation for residential property either as a tenant or a third party. You have to prove the following to hold the landlord responsible for your injury:

  • The landlord had control over the condition that caused you to slip and fall
  • That repairs for the condition was not unreasonably difficult or expensive
  • That the condition was sure to cause a severe injury
  • The landing failed to take reasonable steps, causing the slip and fall.

In most cases, this boils down to common sense. However, suppose the owner can argue that they couldn’t have known about the dangerous condition. In that case, you will have a hard time getting compensation.

When it comes to Government Property, you will need to discuss it with a lawyer. However, in some exceptional cases, you might be able to get compensation. This is because immunity provisions protect government entities from liabilities for injuries on their premises.

How To File a Slip and Fall Claim in Florida

Do you want to File a Slip and Fall Claim? You should hire a personal liability lawyer.

Dealing with an injury from a slip and fall accident can be challenging, but you don’t have to handle it alone.

If you want to file a legal claim for an injury you had on someone else’s property, you need to get in touch with an experienced lawyer at the Alpizar Law firm. You should contact a professional at the firm immediately. There are limitations to how long you can wait before filing a personal injury lawsuit and pursuing a slip and fall case.

Remember that the first step is to search for an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The lawyer will examine your case to determine the value of your claim. The lawyer will then advise you on your best options and develop a strategy. This slip and fall lawsuit strategy from the slip and fall attorney will account for the property owner, personal injury law, medical bills, and aspects like comparative negligence.

Pursuing the case independently is not advisable as your case might have weaknesses, and you may not be aware of them. You can be sure that the other party’s lawyers will spot and exploit those weaknesses.

Naturally, our lawyer at Alpizar Law will ask questions to ensure the injury was not due to carelessness on your part. Even if you were careless, the case might allow for compensation if the other party has a greater degree of responsibility for your injury.

An experienced personal injury lawyer at Alpizar Law will build a strong case, handle the weaknesses, and develop a legal strategy to ensure the best results.

Work with our firm to assist in your personal injury cases. We can offer a free consultation to provide you with more context on slip and fall laws and other details that may be relevant to you.

Assistance from Your Brevard County Personal Injury Lawyers

Premises liability is one of the top causes of personal injury claims in the nation. Frequently, slip and fall accidents are the result of a negligent property owner who failed to maintain the safety of their premises. Slips and falls can be caused by a variety of dangers, including spills, exposed wiring, trip hazards, uneven pavement, and violations of Building Code. 

These hazards and dangerous conditions can occur on both privately owned properties, as well as on property owned by the state, county, city or corporate business. If you have slipped or tripped and suffered personal injury as a result, speak with a Brevard County personal injury attorney from Alpizar Law, LLC today to learn what an attorney can do to recover your damages.

Our firm has succeeded in recovering millions of dollars for clients in the past. With our help, you can investigate the negligence on the part of the property owner, individual, or entity responsible for inspecting, maintaining or repairing the property that caused your accident. Our attorneys share 60 years of combined experience in personal injury and have what it takes to recover the compensation you’re entitled to under the law. Do not hesitate to speak with a personable member of our legal team and discuss your options for filing a claim.

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