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What Is a Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Catastrophic Workers' Compensation Claim

People going about their daily lives are frequently confronted with dangerous circumstances that could put a halt to their activities. These circumstances take the form of injuries or accidents, which can leave them in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.

This is why a catastrophic workers’ compensation claim exists to help victims of these unfortunate accidents alleviate the financial burden.

Despite the fact that this type of compensation is available for affected victims, not all insurance companies are willing to provide it. This is where we at Alpizar Law, LLC can assist you in asserting your legal rights and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

That being said, let us look at what a catastrophic workers’ compensation claim entails and why you need us as your legal representative below:

The Nitty-Gritty of a Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Claim

A catastrophic workers’ compensation claim is the financial relief given to workers in the event of a catastrophic injury.

Most of the time, these injuries are classified as personal injury accidents, but there are also other more common types of accidents, such as car, motorcycle, and truck accidents.

These accidents tend to affect a good number of workers and are what are usually compensated for with catastrophic workers’ compensation claims.

However, while they are common, they aren’t the most life-threatening. That position would have to go to traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This form of injury is caused by a head collision, resulting in brain damage that could lead to paraplegia or quadriplegia.

When this happens, the victim becomes severely paralyzed and is unable to perform any activity whatsoever. Also, the victims suffering from these conditions often require lifelong treatments and constant care and attention for as long as they live.

This alone will demand a lot of time from their family and loved ones and also huge financial burdens that they may not be able to meet. This is why a catastrophic workers’ compensation claim is very valuable.

What to Do in the Event of an Injury

  • You should collect evidence from the injury scene since this will add more credibility to your claim, be it a car accident claim or otherwise.
  • If possible, the following is very necessary for gathering evidence once an accident case occurs and you are physically able to move:
  • Take pictures of everything in the injury scene, from your injuries to the injuries of others, people present, damaged vehicles, time of the accident, location of the accident, etc.
  • Also, take note of every conversation had by both you and the people around you at the time of the injury. This is also very important for you and the experienced attorney aiding your case.
  • Next, take pictures of the state of the road and weather conditions. If the road is under construction, that is even better. Make sure you take pictures of that too.
  • Finally, speak with pedestrians and other people on the scene and take note of what they observed at the time of injury.

What Is the Value of Your Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you are a victim, you probably wonder how much to expect from a catastrophic workers’ compensation claim. The truth is that it will depend on the severity of your case.

The losses associated with your injury are frequently classified into economic, non-economic, and general.

Economic losses or damages compensate for the financial losses you may have incurred as a victim, such as the cost of your medical bills based on your medical records, lost wages, etc.

Noneconomic losses compensate for abstract losses such as emotional distress. Together, both are classified as compensatory damages.

Finally, general losses or damages exist to punish the offender for careless actions. These damages are usually three times the amount of compensatory damages or $500,000, whichever amount is greater.

Why Do You Need to Hire Alpizar Law, LLC to Help You With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Alpizar Law, LLC

At Alpizar Law LLC, we understand that obtaining your catastrophic workers’ compensation claim can be a herculean task, especially when you have a mountain of medical bills to deal with.

This is why, as a legal team, we exist to assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit and provide sound legal advice to ensure that you receive your workers’ compensation claim when it is due.

We believe that you deserve to be heard and given what is rightfully yours, and we want to assist you in doing so while you focus on your recovery.

With our winning track record, we owe you the duty to do everything in our power to ensure that you receive your workers’ compensation claim, even if it means negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or facing class action lawsuits.

Whatever it takes, we are committed to ensuring that you receive your workers’ compensation claim and are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Our Practice Areas

At Alpizar Law LLC, we practice in a wide range of areas, including most accidents that result in catastrophic injuries.

Car accidents, bicycle accidents, boat/jet ski accidents, construction site accidents, maritime/jones act claims, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries, truck accidents, and wrongful death are among the practice areas covered.

To meet your needs, we have a car accident lawyer, a bicycle accident lawyer, a car accident attorney, a personal injury attorney, and so on.

Final Thoughts

It may be difficult to obtain your catastrophic workers’ compensation claim. Nonetheless, with the assistance of an experienced lawyer from Alpizar Law LLC, you can be confident that you will receive your compensation claim when it is due.

However, remember to collect evidence of any injuries you sustained in order to validate your personal injury claims and improve your chances of receiving a catastrophic workers’ compensation claim.

Please contact our legal team right away to discuss your claim.

Call 321-676-2511 to schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney. We are here to help you. It only takes a phone call to get help.