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What You Should Know about Jones Act Claims in Palm Beach, FL

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Workplace accidents happen on a regular basis in a wide variety of circumstances. In the majority of cases, those accidents occur on land while an employee is working in their land-based occupation. However, a workplace accident that occurs on the water is a unique situation that requires the assistance of an experienced maritime law firm that has a clear and comprehensive understanding of the rights of those who work aboard a boat.

Injured maritime workers have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to help them pay for the bills and expenses related to the medical treatment they received for their accident injuries or illnesses. This right to fight for compensation is guaranteed in a law called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act.

In Jones Act cases, it is essential that the injured seamen hire an experienced and skilled maritime attorney to represent their best interests. An accident on a boat or ship can result in life-altering injuries as well as medical expenses that will be incurred throughout the rest of an individual’s life.

To ensure that injured workers get the compensation they deserve for injuries sustained on a vessel, a Jones Act lawyer such as ours at Alpizar Law, LLC should be contacted. We offer a free consultation for Jones Act cases, and we are happy to discuss the circumstances of your injuries to determine if you are eligible to file a Jones Act claim in Palm Beach, FL.

What Is a Jones Act Claim?

A Jones Act claim is a form of workers’ compensation reserved exclusively for an injured seaman. The Jones Act provides a way under federal law for an injured employee who sustained an injury on the job to fight for compensation for such things as medical bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing medical treatment.

Who Can File a Jones Act Lawsuit?

Any crew member of a seaworthy vessel who has been injured on the job and incurred quantifiable monetary losses as a result of the serious injuries can be eligible to file a Jones Act claim. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Container ships
  • Fishing boats
  • Tankers
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Crabbing boats
  • Casino boats
  • Cruise ships
  • Factory trawlers
  • Barges
  • Ferries
  • Production platforms
  • Tugboats
  • Merchant aircraft

For maritime employees on any of these types of vessels, the Jones Act applies. Injured workers need to hire an expert in general maritime law to provide them the advice and legal representation to prove that the injury was directly caused by the accident due to his or her employer’s negligence. At Alpizar Law, LLC, our Jones Act lawyers are here for you.

Requirements to Show Jones Act Negligence

In order for Jones Act lawsuits to be filed on behalf of an injured worker, there are 3 critical criteria that must be met. When you hire our personal injury lawyers to handle your Jones Act case, we will go through these criteria with you as we develop a strong attorney-client relationship with you and work to determine your eligibility for workers’ comp.

The 3 essential criteria items for this type of personal injury claim include:

  • the individual who sustained the maritime injury must meet the legal definition of a “seaman”
    • According to 46 USC Section 10101(3), a seaman is “an individual (except scientific personnel, a sailing school instructor, or a sailing school student) engaged or employed in any capacity onboard a vessel”
  • the maritime injury or illness must have been sustained or developed during the course of the individual’s employment on a maritime vessel
  • the injury or illness is the direct result of negligent acts on the part of the employer or other maritime employee

When these three criteria have been met related to maritime injuries, our team at Alpizar Law, LLC in Palm Beach, FL, is here to be your legal representation. Each attorney at our law firm who handles Jones Act cases understands the federal statute and is dedicated to helping offshore workers and other employees seek compensation from maritime employers after having sustained severe injuries in a maritime accident.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Jones Act Attorney

If your maritime employer’s negligence played a role in the work-related injury you sustained on a seaworthy vessel, an experienced attorney is integral in your ability to recover compensation. As an injured employee, you may not be able to return to work for a long time, if ever. That is why it is critical that you get workers’ compensation benefits to make up for those lost earnings as well as the expense of medical care.

You should also be able to take the time you need to recover and heal from your marine accident. If you are worried about the mounting medical bills or the lost wages you are dealing with, you will not be able to concentrate on the task of healing. Rather than worrying about those issues, hiring an experienced Jones Act law firm to represent you in a Jones Act claim will give you the ability to focus on your recovery.

Our team at Alpizar Law, LLC has vast experience with marine law and can help you fight for compensation from the ship owner or other employer. We will use the accident report, gather necessary evidence, and develop a strong case against the negligent employer who is responsible for your injuries.

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If you are one of the crew members of a maritime vessel who has been injured on that vessel as a result of someone’s negligence, contact Alpizar Law, LLC. Our team is here to represent your best interests in and out of court, and we will fight tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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