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Why should I hire a pedestrian accident lawyer in Palm Bay, FL

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

One doesn’t expect to be hit by a vehicle simply walking down the street, but pedestrian accidents happen more than you think. Unfortunately, a good number of these accidents have high fatality rates and other very devastating outcomes. Sometimes, even after one survives a pedestrian accident, they may have to deal with life-altering injuries for the rest of their lives. A catastrophic injury lawyer can help one reduce the costs of these outcomes.

Suppose you are a pedestrian involved in an accident with a car, motorbike, truck, or other kinds of motor vehicles. In that case, you may assume that the person who hit you with a motor vehicle automatically takes the fault. Still, a lot of times, the person at fault refuses to acknowledge or accept liability.

For these reasons, many cases of pedestrian accidents are never straightforward. Insurance companies want to minimize costs, so they deny the cost of injury claims. They will try to place the blame on the pedestrian so that they wouldn’t have to pay at all.

If you unwittingly accept fault in a pedestrian accident, you may find yourself having to pay for all costs incurred without ever having a chance at compensation. You may feel overwhelmed immediately after the accident and unable to argue your rights with the driver at fault. In such cases, the best thing to do is to find a law firm with an auto accident lawyer.

Our personal injury lawyer professionals will help you with your pedestrian accident cases. We understand that you may have to take on medical bills and other expenses due to the car accident or other personal injury matter and would need compensation. If you are looking for effective Florida personal injury lawyers today, reach out to our professionals at Alpizar Law in West Palm Beach today.

Reasons to Hire a Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

You’ve probably never imagined you’ll ever have to deal with a bicycle accident lawyer, a trucking accidents lawyer, a jones act claims lawyer, a Jet Ski accident lawyer, a boat accident lawyer, or any other type of personal injury lawyer in your life.

However, these lawyers exist for a reason, and their presence in your case will save you a whole lot of stress and financial loss. Here are cases where you have to hire a personal injury attorney.

When You’ve Suffered Injuries

Most people don’t walk on the streets wearing helmets, seat belts, and other protective gear, so when a vehicle hits you while you’re walking, it could be life-threatening. Pedestrians have sustained severe back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, contusions, broken or amputated limbs, road rash, and lacerations, among other life-threatening injuries that may require them to hire a trial attorney.

If you or any of your family members sustained severe injuries from a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to hire a traumatic brain injury lawyer or even a wrongful death claims attorney to help you out, depending on the issue that needs to be resolved.

No One Admits Fault

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in what feels like a round-about argument because no one wants to admit their fault in an accident to avoid liability. Worse still, the at-fault’s party’s insurance company may argue that you are either fully or partially at fault for getting hit by their client. This may sound ridiculous, but it happens more than you may think.

Just like in slip and fall claims, where the at-fault party almost always tries to avoid responsibility, the same thing happens in pedestrian accident cases. In such situations, the best thing to do is hire an accident claim lawyer to help you make an injury claim. With proper documentation and questioning, the lawyer will be able to determine the party at fault.

You Need A Reasonable Settlement Offer

Sometimes accident victims get awarded claims, and then the insurance companies go ahead to offer them meaningless amounts of money in claims to avoid spending a lot of money. A good pedestrian accidents lawyer will ensure you don’t settle for a low-ball settlement package.

Whether you’re making motorcycle accident claims or working with a trucking accidents lawyer, an experienced attorney can help you create a demand package that thoroughly documents the full extent of your injuries to the tiniest details.

Your lawyer would also offer all the necessary support that you need to get the maximum amount in settlement possible in your case. With an experienced pedestrian lawyer on your side, the insurance company would be forced to treat you fairly.

You Need to File A Lawsuit

There are cases where an insurance company whose client is at fault just simply refuses to provide a reasonable amount of money in settlement for the aggrieved party. In such cases, you’ll have no option but to file a suit and get ready for trial.

You Need Help Determining Damages

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be confused about how much to expect in damages from the at-fault party.

A pedestrian accident lawyer would be able to help you decide an amount by determining how much you’re likely to spend on such future problems as lost wages, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and even property damage. This is to ensure you don’t make the mistake of accepting a low offer from the other party’s insurance company.

A Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Will Offer Advice on the Next Steps

Many people are not sure of what to do next after they’ve been in a pedestrian accident. Now, unfortunately, sometimes the accident lands you in the hospital and you may be so ill that you can’t afford to think of the following steps even if you wanted to. Hiring a pedestrian injury lawyer is a smart way to eradicate the associated stress of what comes next.

An experienced lawyer will develop a strategy for your case and tell you what to do next. They will also handle such stress as documenting significant evidence and bringing in eyewitnesses and expert witnesses.

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