Brevard County Pedestrian Accidents

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Brevard County Pedestrian Accidents

Throughout the Palm Bay, FL, area, there are many ways to get around. You could drive your vehicle, take a bus, catch a taxi or Uber, ride a bicycle, or simply walk. Pedestrians walking along the streets in Palm Bay are very likely not thinking about being involved in a fatal crash or having to deal with the Florida Highway Patrol – after all, they aren’t driving a car.

Unfortunately, the Florida highway patrol responded to and will continue to respond to automobile accidents involving pedestrians. In the past, when a crash happened in Palm Bay, Florida, the victim (or their family in the event of a death) may not feel they had any recourse against the driver. Individuals are far more aware now that they have rights as pedestrians, and the drivers of the vehicles involved should be held accountable for their actions.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident with a vehicle, contact the Palm Bay, Florida, personal injury attorneys at Alpizar Law, LLC. Our team is dedicated to helping those struck by vehicles on Florida’s roads get the justice and compensation they deserve. In the event that the pedestrian died, our legal team will assist the family of the deceased through in-depth investigating of the case and tireless pursuit for justice.

Who Is at Fault in Pedestrian Accidents in Palm Bay, FL?

When a person crosses the street safely and legally, the last thing they expect is to get hit by a car. Most pedestrian accidents result from a negligent driver who fails to yield or stop for a person who is crossing the road. Other cases of pedestrian accidents where the liability is on the other party include bicyclists riding on the sidewalk, motorists who pull into crosswalks, and motorists who hit pedestrians walking legally in the road. 

The increased use of cell phones, text messaging, and other distractions while driving are oftentimes the cause of pedestrian accidents. Use caution because Florida law is generally on the pedestrian’s side in these types of cases unless it can be proven that they stepped in front of a car without giving them adequate time and distance to stop or that they were crossing or walking in the street illegally.

You can rest assured that when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, the attorney for the victim will conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that all drivers involved are held accountable. At Alpizar Law, LLC, in Palm Bay, Florida, our team will be there if a crash happens and hurts someone in your family.

We Talk to the Florida Highway Patrol

At Alpizar Law, LLC, our Brevard County personal injury lawyers will talk to members of the Palm Bay Police Department to find out exactly what the official report states, collect eye witness statements, go to the hospital for medical reports, and call experts to ensure that your case has the best possibility of being successful.

Common Injuries for Pedestrian Accidents

At Alpizar Law, LLC, our attorneys have a detailed understanding of Florida’s vehicle code and pedestrian laws. We know what you need to establish the liability of the motorist or bicyclist who hit you and caused your injuries. Pedestrian accidents can cause catastrophic injury, such as road rash, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and spinal cord injury. Many cases even result in wrongful death. If a negligent driver or cyclist has hit you or a loved one, contact our offices right away for the legal representation you need.

The most devastating part of a collision with a motor vehicle as a pedestrian is that there is nothing around you to protect your body from the impact. In-car accidents, there is the vehicle’s frame around you, and even motorcyclists at least have a helmet on (if they are driving legally) and tough clothing to give them an added layer of protection. There is nothing there to stop or cushion the direct impact of the car, truck, SUV, or bike for pedestrians. This is why pedestrians often sustain some of the most catastrophic injuries and why they deserve to fight for compensation.

Contact Our Palm Bay Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian collision with a motor vehicle and sustained injuries (or it was a fatal crash for your loved one), you need the experience and expertise of a Brevard County personal injury attorney such as ours at Alpizar Law, LLC, in Palm Bay, Florida.

At Alpizar Law, LLC, we have over 65 years of combined experience in the personal injury field, including many cases involving pedestrians. Our dedication to excellence has earned our law firm an AV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, and our attorney David Alpizar was named to the NTLA: Top 40 Under 40. Both John and David were also selected for inclusion on the Super Lawyers® list, and we have even earned membership in both the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®. Our legal team truly cares about the results we get for our Palm Bay, Florida, clients.

Whether there was one car involved in the collision, two vehicles, or a whole group, our legal experts will conduct an extensive investigation into your situation and find out exactly what happened. If a member of your family were killed because of a driver’s negligence, we would not rest until your deceased loved one gets justice.

Your collision should not just be another one of the stories covered by the local news and forgotten about the next day. We will not stop investigating and fighting for you until we get the best possible outcome, and our team does not like to lose! Contact us today for a free consultation with a legal expert.

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