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John and David Alpizar receive Martindale-Hubbell AV Ratings for 2020

John and David Alpizar received Martindale-Hubbell AV Ratings for 2020

Attorneys At Alpizar Law, LLC Have Received An AV Rating From Martindale-Hubbell In 2020

Two lawyers from Alpizar Law, LLC have just received their ratings from Martindale-Hubbell. The ratings that they received from them in 2020 were AV Ratings, which are the highest ratings that can be received through the website! These ratings that are left for law firms are highly important as they have many benefits for both the attorneys and the clients that work with them.

When it comes to Martindale-Hubbell ratings, there are many aspects involved that can be discussed to have a better understanding of the process and why it is vital for law firms. Five aspects of Martindale-Hubbell ratings that you should understand include:

  • Martindale-Hubbell Ratings
  • Type Of Ratings
  • Benefits Of Being Reviews
  • How It Helps Clients
  • John And David Alpizar

Martindale-Hubbell Ratings

Martindale-Hubbell Ratings are a key component for people when they are in the process of selecting a lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer, the mention of the lawyer on Martindale-Hubbell Ratings can have a huge positive, or even negative, impact! At the same time, the absence of being reviewed on the Martindale-Hubbell Ratings can have an impact as well. The type and quality of the ratings received also vary and can play a big role in how people view your law firm.

Type Of Ratings

When it comes to Martindale-Hubbell, many different ratings can be received. With the A, B, and C scale, these represent how trustworthy and how long a law firm has been in business. In this scale, A means an attorney has been practicing for at least 10 years and is reported as “Very High”.

The “B” rating means that the attorney is rated as “High” and has been practicing for at least 5 years. The “C” rating does not have a limit for years of practice and means the attorney had to be rated as “Fair”. Along with these ratings, a V means the attorney’s peers said they have ethical standards that are “Very High”.

An AV Rating is the best rating possible, as the attorney has been rated High, practicing at least 5 years, and also voted to have very high ethical standards. This is why Alpizar Law is proud of our attorneys John and David.

Benefits Of Being Reviewed

By being rated on Martindale-Hubbell, a law firm can be positively displayed and advertised to more people in their area. This gives them a path to reaching new possible clients that they did not have before.

How It Helps Clients

This rating helps clients as well because it allows them to choose law firms that they feel are trustworthy enough to hire. This means if someone is only looking for the best of the best, they will sick to lawyers that have received AV Ratings, like John And David Alpizar.

John And David Alpizar

John and David Alpizar have received their ratings from Martindale-Hubbell in 2020. With their rating on the website, they have received AV Ratings, which are the best that can be received. Both lawyers have received great ratings and reviews through their client reviews and peer reviews.

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